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    ‘What is going to be done with me, Peggotty dear? Do you

    and told him what to play She was very pale, as she bent over

    ‘Mr Copperfield,’ returned my mother, ‘is dead, and if you dare

    mentioned, but ‘Oh, poor papa! Oh, dear papa!’ Also, that she had

    was a pickpocket, gave me her purse to carry for her, which had

    of animation was to shrink from mine; and then she glided from

    Encouraged by these gracious words, and by my aunt’s

    and nudged Ham to say something

    presided I cut and handed the sweet seed-cake—the little sisters

    I was so faint and weary that I closed with this offer; and taking

    I replied, as I usually did whenever I had a chance, that nobody

    have been at school with Mr Henry Spiker?’

    I tell you over and over again, you cruel thing, that beyond the

    scene of my future studies—a grave building in a

    something left behind upon the road of life—as something I have

    After beating a little tune on his chin as he walked on, with the

    remonstrances of Miss Lavinia, would come running out once

    David Copperfield

    to be a better girl than I am I want to feel a hundred times more

    apothecary there—surgeon, or whatever he is—who brought your

    I remember a night, even the general did not wear armor, a black outfit, the horse bolted, destroy the enemy, have a cup of tea is not that he should have been brought back to the enemy generals head deadpan generals in the moonlight, jade face stained with blood, was a demon, the painting the surface is evil like terrible. The second battalion Shura Lieutenant a recall, but also can not help but tremble.

    manner, he had sat idly beating on the lump of coal with the

    nook, thinking of this earthquake that had taken place so

    I don’t know how this desperate idea came into my brain But,

    return The next best thing is to hope to do it, and that’s my case I

    would sooner send him away, though I know I am the only person


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